• Messe Essen
  • 06. - 09. Oct. 2022

Contact Tracing

Here you will find the form for contact tracing at your gaming tables:

Contact Tracing Form SPIEL ’21


Please place a form at each table and renew it as soon as it is full. Enter the exhibitor name, your booth number and the respective table number at the top of the form.


Also included in this document is the privacy notice in English and German, which you have to show upon request. Again, please fill in the responsible exhibitor name as well as the data protection officer.


The data must be kept for 4 weeks and handed over at any time on request to the responsible health authorities for follow-up.


luca app

If you would like to use the luca app for contact tracing instead of manual forms, please register at https://app.luca-app.de/. After your registration, you can create a location. Please enter the address of Messe Essen as the location (Messeplatz 1, 45131 Essen). Within the location you can create individual areas. Please create a separate area for each of your booths and name it after your booth number. (This is absolutely necessary to recognize the different booths.) Now you can create individual tables for the area of your booth and create one QR code per table. Please attach the QR codes to the respective gaming tables so that visitors can check in and out there via scan.