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  • 05. - 08. Oct. 2023

Design contest – conditions of participation

[1] T-shirt design competition for the
Internationale Spieltage SPIEL ’19

We, Friedhelm Merz Verlag, organizer of the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL, are holding a community design contest for the first time. You have the chance to design our official T-shirt for SPIEL ’19 and win 1,000 €.

[2] Requirements for the design and technical specifications

Design requirements:
The design must be connected to the SPIEL international game fair.
The SPIEL logo and the corresponding lettering will be made available for download for this purpose.

Technical specifications:

Max. 4 JPG files please for participation and coordination.

Please note the following for realization and print data processing:

Data format:
Corel Draw 10, Adobe Illustrator CS6
Please provide us with a vector graphic. The fonts used must be converted into curves or paths, i.e. vectors. Where possible, the colours should be separated or at least clearly allocated.

max. 34 x 34 cm


[3] Who can take part?

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age on 31 July 2019.

[4] How can I take part?

You can send us your design idea by e-mail to info@merz-verlag.com up to the entry deadline on 31 July 2019.
Design ideas submitted by other routes or that do not comply with these Conditions of Participation will not be accepted.

[5] How will the winning design be chosen?

Friedhelm Merz Verlag will select 5 of the designs submitted by 31 July 2019 for the final round.
These shortlisted designs will then be presented on the Facebook page, the Twitter account and the Instagram account of the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL in the period up to 10 August 2019.
The final decision of Friedhelm Merz Verlag will be based not just by the number of “Likes” but also on the comments on Facebook and Instagram.

Criteria for shortlisting:

The design must:

  • suit the theme of the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL
  • be aesthetic and creative
  • must bear the lettering “SPIEL ’19”
  • and/or the SPIEL logo
  • feature the year number “’19”.

The winning design will then be further adapted to the guidelines in consultation between the designer and the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL.

[6] When will the winner be announced?

The winner of the design competition will be announced by the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL on 10 August 2019.

[7] What prizes can I win?

The winning design will receive a cash prize of 1,000 €, two full tickets for the fair and admission to the first-ever SPIEL-PREVIEW-NIGHT for two people. The four other finalists will each receive two one-day tickets for the Internationale Spieltage SPIEL ’19.

[8] Copyright and utilization of the designs

When you submit your design, you should be aware that if you win the competition, you will be entering into a contract with Friedhelm Merz Verlag GmbH & Co. KG for the irrevocable transfer of all rights to the winning design for the design itself. This comprises all utilization purposes on media of all kinds, in particular printing on textiles.

If you do not agree to the conditions of the competition and the fact that, if you win, you will no longer be the owner of the design and will not be able to decide the utilisation of the design, then you should not enter the competition or submit a design.

Any design that is copied from another source, including the winning design, will immediately be excluded from the competition, and Friedhelm Merz Verlag reserves the right to take all corresponding legal steps against the person who submitted the design in question.

Submitted entries will not be returned.

Your submitted design must be your own original design and must not have been copied from any other source or person.

By submitting your design, you consent to changes being made to the design if necessary in order to ensure that it is suitable for transfer to T-shirts that are mass produced for bringing into circulation.

[9] Liability

The organizers assume no liability whatsoever for any cancellation, rescheduling or modification of the competition due to unforeseen circumstances. Neither are they liable for theft, loss, delays or damage during the transmission of the design. In addition, it may be the case that the specified dates are changed for organizational reasons or due to unforeseen circumstances.

[10] Acceptance of the Conditions of Participation

The precondition for participation in the competition is full acceptance of these Conditions of Participation.

[11] Data protection

By registering for the competition, the participant consents to his or her personally identifiable data being collected, stored and used exclusively for the purpose of staging and conducting the competition. The collected data are not passed on to third parties.