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  • 06. - 09. Oct. 2022


Join SPIEL ’21, the leading Games Fair open to the public

Meet your partners in business, licence, authors and 209,000 gamers from all over the world



The International Games Event SPIEL in Essen can look back on an impressive history. Over the last 38 years it has continuously grown, setting new standards. Visitors, media and retailers of SPIEL highly appreciate the chance to get a complete overview over the game industry and to receive immediate feedback from the consumers’ side at the same time. Exhibitors consider SPIEL to be the highlight of the year and a perfect occasion for introducing new products to the market. For your information we have compiled all relevant SPIEL data.

Facts and figures:

With 209,000 visitors, hundreds of press, radio and TV journalists and 1,200 exhibitors from 53 nations, showing their products on a 86,000 square meters exhibition space, SPIEL ’19 has confirmed once more its uniqueness among the game exhibition scene. (In 2020, SPIEL took place in exclusively digital form and was able to attract 148,000 individual visitors).

SPlEL’s high publicity level:

All exhibitors benefit from the wide publicity that SPIEL provides. They have realized that this International Games Event represents an ideal platform for public relations. Compared to other events all exhibitors agree that one of the special things about the Essen SPIEL is the overwhelming coverage in domestic and foreign media. During the four days of the International Games Event hundreds of journalists, along with their teams, report on nearly everything that comes their way in Essen.



New Releases Show for the media and retailers – a cost-free service:

An increasing number of publishers gain profile by introducing their new products on the occasion of Essen SPIEL. The Friedhelm Merz Verlag has created a cost-free “New Releases Show” where journalists and retailers get first hand information on the latest games innovations.

Enormous appeal to visitors:

The International Games Event SPIEL, a must for all gamers, welcomed 209,000 visitors from all over the world. It has consolidated its reputation as an internationally unique phenomenon. The exhibitors’ booths were teeming with gamers; courses and competitions were enthusiastically accepted. Retailers, teachers, representatives of public institutions and the whole game community collected information on the novelties of the year. For many exhibitors the Essen SPIEL not only paid in terms of public relations but also in hard currency. Many games had soon been out of stock and new merchandise was quickly called in.
SPIEL ’19 also resounded positively from the booths of foreign companies. Exhibitors from abroad spoke of an ever increasing licence business.

The whole range of the game industry displayed at SPIEL:

All kinds of products are presented at Essen: from family, adult, children and parlour games to strategy, mail, adventure, fantasy and science fiction games. An increasing number of electronic games adds to the range of classic board games; but also books dealing with games and toys. A wide range of comics completes the program.

The idea of the SPIEL games event in Essen:

The secret of this fair’s success remains the basic idea that goes back to 1983: the idea of inviting the consumer and gamer to play new games and toys and make up his/her own mind about the quality of the individual game. Thus, the direct impact of a new product can easily be perceived and represents a perfect means of measuring its general appeal. As there are also many retailers and key accounts, the obvious interest in new releases also has a direct impact on the decisions this group of people has to make, as to which new game should better be put on the retailers’ order list.


The International Games Event SPIEL provides an extensive list of fringe events. Almost all exhibitors hold bigger or smaller competitions which attract players as well as the attention of journalists. There are, e.g., V.I.P. tables where famous game inventors sign their games, live role games, championships and tournaments. Numerous associations inform on classics such as Chess, Go etc.


Booth prices:

Thanks to the option of booking inexpensive “10 sqm-mini-booths”, from EUR 727,– + VAT up, the Essen SPIEL also enjoys the presence of inventor booths, small publishers and toy manufacturers. All exhibitors are free to sell their products on the fair. Thus the Essen SPIEL offers a big chance of introducing small, risky productions to the market and helps to get a few steps further towards – at least – break even point; either by selling the product directly to the consumer, or by licensing the product over to other, maybe bigger manufacturers. Apart from the special “10 sqm-mini-booth” prices, the basic price per square meter for booths bigger than 10 sqm is EUR 108,50 + VAT.

Author’s Workshop/Artist Alley

We offer tables in the so-called “Author’s Workshop” to game authors who want to present their prototypes to publishers and the public. Please note that selling is not permitted here.

Illustrators, artists and comic artists can present themselves for a small fee at “Artist Alley” and create art for the visitors. Selling to the public is permitted.


To make your reservation, please contact Friedhelm Merz Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Bismarckallee 8, 53173 Bonn, Germany, by phone: +49/228/342273, fax +49/228/856312 or send us your full company name, address and contact details to info@merz-verlag.com.

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Friedhelm Merz Verlag


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