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innoSPIEL nominees


The following games are nominated for innoSPIEL 2022:


A ghostly apparition, a gangster boss, the end of the world: these are the ingredients to the games in the audio mystery series ECHOES. We are given the unique ability to hear sound fragments of the past from objects. From these snippets we put together a story step by step. The handy boxes come with large format cards. We can scan these using a specially developed app to elicit sounds from the images. We have to put these audio fragments in the right order to decode the case. The first ECHOES series nominated here comprises three cases: The Dancer, The Cocktail and The Microchip. One additional expansion has already been added. The jury’s verdict: ECHOES successfully combines the very nicely designed cards with the superbly produced app. What is innovative, however, is how the game becomes a buildable radio play that creates a unique cinema experience in the mind. ECHOES is an acoustic puzzle that tells its story via audio fragments in outstanding studio quality. It silences all the players as well as making them talk - when the snippets of sound - some shorter, others longer - are listened to together and then discussed regarding where they might belong in the story. ECHOES, by Matthew Dunstan and Dave Neale, Ravensburger, 1-6 players, ages 14+, 60 minutes, approx. 10 Euros


As members of a rap band, we naturally want one thing: Fame! We will have that if our rhymes and beats harmonize with the rhythms of the rhythm machine. Will our crew reach the next round or even beat the high score? We cannot talk much, or we will run out of time. As soon as the rhythm machine included in HEY YO is running, we have to lay out our cards and line them up to the rhythm of the beat. What is required? Yo! Yo! What card can I play to? Hey! matching the beat, right up to the punchline, because you only get points for that. And then you replenish your card hand and keep playing until the beat dies down. Then the crews tally their points - who will become the biggest rap star? The jury’s verdict: For years, it has always been wondrous how much fits into the boxes of Oink Games. The games inside the boxes are as precisely designed as their contents. Two lines, four different symbols on the cards and a small rhythm machine - that is all you need for HEY YO. The mini boom-box included in the box sets the rhythm in which the cards are to be played. This creates a flow, and the members of the competing teams adapt to the music from the small box. HEY YO makes even non-musical people suddenly rock to the beat and adjust their card play to this beat. Besides the speaker, the game's equipment also includes a cleverly made scoring pad, which guides us well in the distribution of points and takes much of the work off our shoulders. A very harmonious package. HEY YO, by Takashi Saito, Oink Games, 2-10 players, ages 8+, 15 minutes, approx. 16 Euros


We are in Oniria, the land of dragons. This used to be a paradise, but now the land is threatened. To stop an ancient force from destroying Oniria, we must travel back in time and save the dragons. The portal to this world is the WONDER BOOK. In the cooperative game WONDER BOOK, players agree on the order of their actions. The game is played both on and in the book, out of which a distinctive pop-up tree rises. More pop-up elements gradually come into play, allowing interaction in a variety of ways. The opponents in the game react, activated via cards. The six-part story we experience in WONDER BOOK is driven by the sets of cards. The introduction to the rules is very low threshold. The jury’s verdict: The tree is the eye-catcher in WONDER BOOK. The mighty pop-up crown towers over the eponymous book and the game table and yet is not a visual end in itself. The tree offers many functions, is very well integrated into the game and offers high level interaction with the game board. In addition, the six chapters provide for varied gameplay that thrives on a great variety of decisions made by the players. These decisions have a significant impact on the course of the game and the story. The way the order of actions can be discussed in the group of players provides for a variety of alternatives during the game. WONDER BOOK, by Martino Chiacchiera and Michele Piccolini, dV Giochi and ABACUSSPIELE, 1-4 players, ages 10+, 60-90 minutes, approx. 65 Euros


The following games had been nominated for innoSPIEL 2021:


Family party! Group photo! Line up everyone! But who wants to be in which position on the photo? Would you rather be behind the table or next to it? In front of the aunt or rather next to the nephew? And where should the flower pot go? Hopefully the dog won't run through the middle of the picture. In DER PERFEKTE MOMENT, each of us is responsible for the group photo that captures the beautiful conclusion of the celebration for eternity. Unfortunately, the guests of the celebration do not tell us directly how to position them. We learn the wishes from sealed envelopes, but we can't see all of them in the course of the game. So a little bit of luck is needed to place the stands with the party guests around a large cardboard table in the backdrop in such a way that everyone is happy. And then to actually be photographed with the cell phone and to start the fun final countdown. DER PERFEKTE MOMENT, by Anthony Nouveau, Corax Games, 2-4 players, from 10 years, 45 minutes, approx. 40 Euros


The peaceful forest kingdom is in danger. Wolf warriors have attacked it, destroyed the sacred statues and captured the guardian spirits. Only one of the spirits could escape: A little ghost mouse with her magic spinning top. Now it's up to us to help the ghost mouse in his missions and save the forest kingdom. In the cooperative family game GHOST ADVENTURE, we steer the spinning top across the game boards by tilting and tilting. On our route, we have to reach a series of goals one after the other in order to tackle the next step of our mission. Save points allow us to get back in if the spinning top gets stuck or runs out of steam. 56 missions must be successfully completed on the four double-sided game maps until peace is restored to the forest. GHOST ADVENTURE, by Wlad Watine, Pegasus Spiele, 1-4 players, from 8 years, 15-30 minutes, approx. 30 Euros


Crime City bears its name with good reason: Not a day goes by without a crime being committed. There is not a day when we, as investigators, do not have to restore law and order. The search for criminals of all kinds, however, turns out to be more difficult than expected in the hustle and bustle of the big city. MICRO MACRO: CRIME CITY takes us on a large black and white map of Crime City. A hidden object picture on which numerous misdeeds take place. We see the crimes in their chronological order: the villains, drawn in comic style, and their victims can be seen in different places, at different times of the events. In this way, we can gradually answer the questions that a set of cards asks us and that lead to the solution of the case. MICRO MACRO: CRIME CITY, by Johannes Sich, Edition Spielwiese, 1-4 players, from 10 years, 15-45 minutes, approx. 25 Euros


The following games had been nominated for innoSPIEL 2020:


In the palm of our hand an island is created from a pack of cards. Wood, fish, and stones are the raw materials with which we improve our buildings. Eight times in a row, a set of 17 cards is played through, requiring only the palm of one hand as the playing area. Each round raises existential questions: Which cards do I use as raw material suppliers, which ones do I want to improve? PALM ISLAND can be played alone or as a pair. PALM ISLAND - DIE INSEL TO GO by Jon Mietling, Kosmos, 1-2 players, from 10 years, 15 minutes, approx. 10 Euros


ROOT is a game about cute animals in the forest. The only thing is these animals are fighting for supremacy in the forest. The cats want to exploit it industrially, the birds want their ancestral dominion back, an alliance is planning a revolution against the existing conditions, and the vagabond is trying to play them all off against each other and emerge victorious from the dispute. Each player takes on one of these roles and uses the forest’s possibilities in a different way to gain dominance. ROOT - A GAME OF WOODLAND MIGHT AND RIGHT by Cole Wehrle, Leder Games/Quality Beast, 2-4 players, from 10 years, 60-90 minutes, approx. 50 Euros


TEAM3 is like the proverbial three monkeys: one sees no evil; one speaks no evil and one hears no evil. And these three now must erect a building together in only three minutes according to the task card. The architect, who knows the building plans, is not allowed to say anything, the site manager, who is supposed to describe what needs to be done, can only see a wildly gesticulating architect and the construction worker, who is ultimately supposed to construct the building, can only feel his way around. Only a well-functioning team will be able to cope with the more TEAM3 by Matt Fantastic and Alex Cutler, ABACUSSPIELE, 3-6 players, from 8 years, 30 minutes, approx. 20 Euros<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />


The following games had been nominated for innoSPIEL 2019:


In AB DURCH DIE MAUER, 2-4 ghosts want to disguise themselves and are looking for the necessary accessories. But the wardrobes are suddenly no longer where they once were. To get to them, you have to overcome walls. To do this you need to act at the right moment. AB DURCH DIE MAUER creates the illusion that game pieces really can walk through walls. This is done using the innovative combination of a rotating game board with three magnetic sliders, which are embedded under the playing surface. AB DURCH DIE MAUER by Jürgen Adams, Zoch Verlag, 2-4 players, 7 years and over, 20 minutes game time, approx. 35,-- Euros


DETECTIVE breaks through the boundaries of play and reality in an innovative way. Here, players are drawn into what seems like real police work and given the feeling of being part of an actual criminal case. Five card-based criminal cases make up a major crime story turning DETECTIVE into a fascinating criminal narrative. The way in which play, narrative and reality interweave here is new and innovative. DETECTIVE - EIN KRIMI-BRETTSPIEL by Ignacy Trzewiczek, Story by Przemysław Rymer and Jakub Łapot, Portal Games and Pegasus Games, 1-5 players, from 16 years, 120-180 minutes, approx. 40,-- Euros


KEYFORGE is a successful representative of the innovative "unique game" genre, because each deck of 36 cards is unique and consists of 12 cards of each faction, which cannot be changed or combined in any other way. These decks compete against each other, and what matters most is what each player does with the cards he has in his own deck. KEYFORGE is a deck-builder without deckbuilding, a collectible card game without collecting. Each player can even start immediately without a basic set with only one pack of cards. KEYFORGE by Richard Garfield, Publisher - Fantasy Flight Games, Distribution: Asmodee, 2 players, from 14 years, 15-45 minutes, starter set approx. 30,-- Euros, single decks around 10,-- Euros


The following games had been nominated for innoSPIEL 2018:


In the game BONK, players try to push a larger wooden ball into the opponents goal using small steel balls. 2-4 players compete against each other as teams. Each player gives the steel ball the necessary momentum using his own pivoting chute, the gently curved playing surface between the teams makes aiming more difficult. The wooden ball needs to be struck well, if it is to roll into the opponents’ half. The first team to score five goals, wins. BONK by David Harvey, Game Factory, 2-4 players, from 8 years


COOL RUNNINGS is a classic game of pursuit in which four competitors race to the finish line. The game pieces are moved using action cards. The key feature is that there are real ice cubes in the players’ game pieces. It is not only important to be the first to finish – there must also be something left of the ice cube. On its way to the finish line it is constantly exposed to adversity: opponents might blow on it, sprinkle salt on it, or splash it with water from a pipette. COOL RUNNINGS by Olivier Mahy, Ravensburger, 2-4 players, from 8 years


One hundred cards, numbered from 1 to 100, a few life cards and a joker – and the game is finished - reduced to its basic foundations and yet it gets the mind pulsating. The aim of THE MIND is to play out the respective hands of cards together in ascending order, without communicating, or giving any hints. At the beginning, each of the 2-4 players has one card in their hand, at the highest level, up to twelve. THE MIND by Wolfgang Warsch, Nürnberger Spielkarten Verlag NSV, 2-4 players, from 8 years


The following games had been nominated for innoSPIEL 2017:


In FABELSAFT from the publishing house Verlag 2F-Spiele 2-5 players - as creatures of the forest - compete to prepare the tastiest juices from the fruits available. During play, however, the game FABELSAFT changes because new game cards replace old cards and new rules are introduced into the game. Friedemann Friese’s fabulous mechanism creates innovative ways of saving the game score to its memory and changing the rules and game materials without having to destroy any components of the game. FABELSAFT by Friedemann Friese, 2F-Spiele, 2-5 players from 8 years


In MAGIC MAZE four fantasy characters rush through a shopping mall. The team of a magician, a dwarf, an elf and a barbarian must combine to steal the equipment needed for their next adventure and then escape through the exit doors. The innovative feature of MAGIC MAZE is that any of the players can move any of the figures but only in certain directions. The fact that the most of the time, players are not allowed to speak to each other, effectively stops alpha players from dominating the game. A clever rotation principle also ensures that each individual is included, with special rules available for them to use - but sometimes more, sometimes less. MAGIC MAZE by Kasper Lapp, Pegasus Spiele, 1-8 players from 8 years


LYNGK is played on a grid of lines with 48 tiles in 6 different colors. At the beginning, all colors are neutral in this abstract two person game and do not belong to any player. Only in the course of the game, do the players have to choose two colors and from that point on, they face an innovative strategic challenge: whoever chooses their colours early, makes them more mobile but the player is also more vulnerable to being blockaded by the opponent. LYNGK by Kris Burm, Huch!, 2 players from 13 years