• Messe Essen
  • 14. - 17. Oct. 2021


We are delighted that you would like to report on SPIEL. With our accreditation guidelines, we would like to grant press access to journalists, as well as bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters, who deal with the topic of board games. Please observe the below accreditation guidelines in this regard.


Access requirements SPIEL ’21

2021, we as organizers must ensure contact tracing for all persons entering the exhibition grounds. It is also not yet clear whether access restrictions will apply to SPIEL ’21 in October. We ask for your understanding if for this reason we have to handle press passes differently than you have been used to in the past.

Access to the exhibition grounds will only be granted to persons who:

  • have been immunized against COVID-19 according to §3 of the Coronaschutzverordnung (Corona Virus Protection Ordinance) of North Rhine-Westphalia and who can present a corresponding proof of immunization valid on the respective day of the event when entering the exhibition area.
  • (Vaccinated individuals are considered immunized as of the 15th day after completion of full vaccination with a vaccine licensed in the EU. In addition, persons are considered immunized if they have had an infection with COVID-19 (PCR-confirmed) less than 6 months ago and persons who have had an infection with COVID-19 (PCR-confirmed) more than 6 months ago and were subsequently vaccinated once with a COVID-19 vaccine.)
  • or
  • Persons who, on the respective day of the event, can present a negative test in accordance with §7 of the Coronaschutzverordnung (Corona Virus Protection Ordinance) that is no more than 48 hours old when entering the exhibition area (rapid test).

To gain access to the exhibition grounds, an EU Digital COVID Certificate documenting your immunization or negative test is required. This can also be presented in printed form for scanning. In any case, it must be a scannable and valid document with QR code.

Persons who cannot provide proof of COVID-19 immunization or a valid negative test in the form of an EU Digital Covid Certificate can be tested at any COVID-19 test center. All current test centers in the city of Essen can be found via the following link: https://geoportal.essen.de/testzentren/

Furthermore, medical grade protective face masks will be mandatory for visitors and exhibitors at SPIEL ’21.

Since contact tracing must be ensured for all persons on the exhibition grounds, it is necessary that you register in advance. For this purpose, please provide your full contact details as well as the days on which you would like to visit SPIEL. Please note that the personalized press tickets will be day tickets and are only valid for the day for which they have been issued. If you are unable to attend and do not need your press tickets after all, we urge you to notify us so that we can allocate the ticket contingent that has become free to someone else.


Accreditation Guidelines

Accreditation is granted exclusively for the purpose of reporting on the event SPIEL.


Press accreditation for SPIEL is awarded to:

Journalists with a valid press pass

  • Journalists with a valid press pass from their home country who can present an editorial assignment (original letter heading) from their chief editor relating to the current fair. The article on SPIEL is to be placed at the disposal of the organiser upon completion. Please mail us the corresponding link after the event to info@merz-verlag.com. We reserve the right to limit the number of press tickets per print medium.

As a reporter, you can be accredited until September 30, 2021. After that date, accreditations will only be possible for daily print media as well as television and radio broadcasters. We would like to ask these journalists to contact us after this date by phone at +49 (0)228/342273 or by e-mail at info@merz-verlag.com.

From Monday, 11.10.2021, we will be located in the Essen exhibition halls. Here you can reach us in urgent cases by phone at +49 (0)201/7244-800.

Accreditation for YouTubers, bloggers and podcasters, as well as the authors of online magazines

The prerequisites for the accreditation of online journalists, such as bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters and the authors of online magazines are:

  • Permanent topicality and significant access numbers comparable with those of professional online magazines produced by full-time editorial departments and publishers.
  • The channel, blog or online magazine must be aligned mainly and directly to the theme of the fair.
  • If you wrote a report on last year’s SPIEL or SPIEL.digital, please send us the corresponding link for review.
  • If you did not report on SPIEL ’19 or SPIEL.digital, you can draft a preliminary report on SPIEL ’21 in order to qualify for accreditation.
  • The goal of your inquiry should be to produce a comprehensive report about the exhibition SPIEL.

Accreditation is limited to a maximum of two persons per online medium.

Please note that we can only grant accreditation to online media up to three weeks before the start of the fair due to the extra expense and effort involved.

Please do us the favour of using the hashtag #SPIEL21 for your reporting.


Main reasons for the rejection of accreditation applications:

  • Access numbers to your internet medium are too low.
  • No regular contributions can be recognised.
  • Your website does not have enough content on the subject of board games.
  • You write game reviews without reporting on SPIEL as an event.
  • We received your accreditation request too late.


In August you will find the accreditation form here, which you please fill out and send to us as a Google Form. In order to be able to check your request, please also send us your supporting documents (webserver statistics, articles, press pass etc.) by email to info@merz-verlag.com.


Yours sincerely,
Friedhelm Merz Verlag
(Organiser SPIEL ’21)