• Messe Essen
  • 24. - 27. Oct. 2019


You would like to have press-material for SPIEL?

Press accrediation guidelines:

Only the following individuals will be given press accreditation for attending SPIEL:

  • Holders of an officially recognized German press pass
  • Holders of valid ID from one of the following associations:
  • Internationale Assoziation deutschsprachiger Medien (IADM), Cologne
  • Internationale Journalisten-Föderation (IJF), Brussels
  • International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Brussels
  • Fédération Internationale des Journalistes (FIJ), Brussels


  • who can present a letter (original letterhead, no copies) from an editorial office commissioning them to visit the trade fair in question or who are able to legitimize their attendance by presenting recent press articles naming them as the author,
  • who can present a recent masthead naming them as one of the publication’s editors, journalists or freelance authors
  • Individuals who can prove that they are involved in the press activities of an institution or government agency
  • Foreign journalists with an official press pass from their country of origin

The following people will not be accredited:

  • Individuals lacking any kind of journalistic certification
  • German nationals residing in Germany who present a foreign press pass
  • Individuals with press passes issued by associations and organizations that have not been recognized by the German Interior Ministers Conference
  • Individuals with company ID from broadcasting stations, agencies or publishing houses, and who do not have a commission from an editorial office
  • Individuals whose press passes have expired
  • Individuals whose certification was not issued by an editorial office or whose commission does not cover the trade fair in question

Internet editorial offices

Operators and authors of private online magazines will be given press accreditation only if

  • the online magazine is a magazine with professional content and layout, permanent topicality and registering access figures (hits) comparable to those of professional magazines of newspapers and publishers.
  • Prerequisite for this accreditation is that the alignment of the online magazine is directly comparable to the theme of the fair. If the journalist is unable to prove status as a professional journalist, accreditation is limited to one person per online magazine. Operators of websites that do not fulfill the requirements stated in this figure, in particular websites with only personal or private content, shall not receive accreditation.
  • All the documents have to be send as attachements.
  • Please be so kind and send us a copy of your article of SPIEL ’18 if you wrote one.
  • For the next year it will be helpful if you would send us the actual articles regarding SPIEL ’19, after you wrote them.
  • Internet editorials can’t be given a press accreditation later than two weeks before the show starts!!!!!

Please send the required documents together with the name of your editorial, and full postal address to info@merz-verlag.com