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ExhibitorTypeSunAuthor/ Illustr./ PersonGame / TitleHall/ Booth/ RoomDescription
2TomatoesSigning Session12:30-14:00Garriga, LinusEscape Pods4D122Come and meet the author of Escape Pods. He will be signing an demoing the game!
2Tomatoes Signing Session11:00-12:30Gohrbandt, Tobias; Günther, HeikoPeak Oil4D122Play with the authors and get your game signed! You will also be able to play their new prototype!
3-headed dogSigning Session10:45-11:00Kersten, AnnaWARIGIN5J103Du magst den Grafikstil von WARIGIN? Lass dir dein Exemplar signieren - und wenn du lieb fragst, zeichnet Anna dir sicherlich deinen eigenen kleinen Engel, Dämon oder Nichts. :)

Do you like the graphic style from WARIGIN? Get an autograph for your game - and we are sure that Anna draws a small angel, demon or void for you if you ask her kindly. :)
3-headed dogSigning Session13:45-14:00Sauer, ChristianWARIGIN5J103WARIGIN ist ein Herzensprojekt für Christian. Er freut sich über jeden, bei dem er sich mit einer kleinen Widmung für die tolle Unterstützung bedanken kann!

WARIGIN is a heart project for Christian. He is happy about everyone to whom he can thank with a small dedication for the great support.
3-headed dogSigning Session16:45-17:00Kersten, AnnaWARIGIN5J103Du magst den Grafikstil von WARIGIN? Lass dir dein Exemplar signieren - und wenn du lieb fragst, zeichnet Anna dir sicherlich deinen eigenen kleinen Engel, Dämon oder Nichts. :)

Do you like the graphic style from WARIGIN? Get an autograph for your game - and we are sure that Anna draws a small angel, demon or void for you if you ask her kindly. :)
Bankiiiz EditionsSigning Session10:00Aublin, Sylvain3O106Welcome Citizen. You are here to try to access Mu's ruling caste. To test your skills, you and a handful of other participants must build an exceptional Source City.
Bankiiiz EditionsSigning Session10:00-16:00Alcouffe, ChristineYokai3O106Yokai is a cooperative game in which you can't talk directly about the Yokai cards. You must work as a team and use your memory to regroup them by families in a limited number of rounds.
Beautiful Disaster GamesSigning Session10:00-18:00Stasiak, TomekCrisis at Steamfall5M103Demonstration of Crisis at Steamfall big expansion - Genesis
Bioviva EditionsSigning Session11:00-12:00Rambeau, Michaël5A108Signierstunde mit Michaël Rambeau, dem Autor der Bioviva-Spiele.

Signing session with Michaël Rambeau, author of the Bioviva games.
Blackout SpieleSigning Session12:30-13:30Besnard, Cyril; Chorvot, Loic; Fondrille, AlainKill The Unicorns5J126Lasst euch euer Exemplar von Kill The Unicorns von den drei Autoren signieren.

Get your copy of Kill The Unicorns signed by the three authors of the game.
Blackout SpieleSigning Session14:00-15:00Bruun Pedersen, MartinDon't Drop The Soap5J126Spielt eine Runde Don't Drop The Soap mit dem Autor Martin Bruun Pedersen und lasst euch euer neues Spiel gleich signieren.

You can play a round of Don't Drop The Soap with author Martin Bruun Pedersen and get your new game signed directly.
Blue OrangeSigning Session10:00-11:00Cathala, BrunoKingdomino; Queendomino; Kingdomino Duel; Scarabya; Kameleo3M107Bruno Cathala will be at our booth for differents signing sessions!
Blue OrangeSigning Session10:00-12:00Boutanox, GuillaumeComics in which you are the hero - Sherlock Holmes3M107Come to our booth to meet, discuss with and get an autograph from Boutanox, author of comics in which you are the Hero: Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes International Investigation.
Blue OrangeSigning Session10:00-12:00Waltch, PierreComics in which you are the hero3M107Come to our booth to meet, discuss with and get an autograph from Waltch, illustrator of comics in which you are the Hero: Knights and Zombie.
Blue OrangeSigning Session15:00-16:00Merrouche, MehdiUxmal; Ninja Night3M107Mehdi Merrouche will be at our booth to sign copies of two of our new releases!
Blue OrangeSigning Session15:00-16:00Aublin, SylvainPappy Winchester; Scarabya; Dragon's Cave3M107Sylvain Aublin will be present at our booth each day of the fair to sign your copy!
Blue OrangeSigning Session15:00-16:00Pinget, JérémyPappy Winchester3M107After the gaming session, Jérémy Pinget will stay at our booth to sign your copy!
BoardcubatorSigning Session10:00-10:45Mikes, Michal; Soukal, JanProject L2C144
Crooked TowerSigning Session11:00-12:00Federighi-Lucifero, AlbertoPossession, a Daemonic Card Game4A101Alberto Federighi-Lucifero will be available to sign copies of Possession, a Daemonic Card Game and of Corridors and Screams, the expansion for Possession.
Crooked Tower Signing Session11:00-12:00Bianchi, GiovanniPossession, a Daemonic Card Game4A101Giovanni Bianchi will be available to sign games of Possession and of the expansion, Corridors and Screams.
Cucafera GamesSigning Session11:00-12:00Pujadas, EloiZoom In Barcelona4H100Join a demo and signing session by one of the Zoom in Barcelona authors Eloi Pujadas (Shikoku, Wanted 7, Orbital).
Cucafera GamesSigning Session11:00-12:00Casellas, NúriaZoom In Barcelona4H100Join a demo and signing session by one of the Zoom in Barcelona authors Núria Casellas (Endless Pass).
Dionysos GamesSigning Session11:00-12:00Schleicher, AndreasLunatic; Chimù; Ukuma (One Minute Game)3G110Der Dionysos Games Hausautor Andreas Schleicher signiert und fabuliert über seine Spiele Lunatic, Chimù und Ukuma (One Minute Game).

The Dionysos Games in-house author Andreas Schleicher signs and spins a yarn about his games Lunatic, Chimù and Flanx (One Minute Game).
Elf Creek GamesSigning Session14:00-15:00Dutrait, VincentAtlantis Rising 2nd Edition5D126Come to the Elf Creek Games booth to have Vincent Dutrait sign his illustrations and pick up a copy of Atlantis Rising 2nd Edition.
FANTASMAGORIASigning Session13:00-18:00Petrov, Nikola R.The King Of All Bards / Der König aller Barden1F129Der Autor der Spieleneuheit Der König aller Barden, Nikola R. Petrov, wird an unserem Stand über die meiste Zeit während der Messe anwesend sein und
vor Ort gekaufte Spiele signieren.

The game designer of The King of all Bards, Nikola R. Petrov, will be present for most of the time during the fair and he will sign all games bought at the booth. Come by and chat with him.
Freebooter MiniaturesSigning Session10:15-17:30Klocke, Werner6F101Gerne signieren wir für euch die Regelbücher. Die ganze Mannschaft hat ihre Federkiele und andere experimentelle Schreibgeräte mit dabei - beschwert euch bloß nicht über Tintenflecke!
Herbertz Entertainment Signing Session13:00-14:00Herbertz, KaiAlbedo4J102
HutChu GamesSigning Session10:00-12:00Hutsell, Woody; Chunn, AdamPlunderbund5H128Plunderbund Game Designers Woody Hutsell or Adam Chunn will be available to sign Plunderbund board games and other promotional content.
Inside Up GamesSigning Session13:00-15:00McGoey, Conor4I106Conor McGoey - designer of Summit, Gorus Maximus, Vault Assault, Summit: YETI, Summit: Teams, and 7 Souls (Kickstarter) - will be available at the booth to meet and sign games.
KosmosSigning Session15:00-15:30Hecht, GerhardAndor - Die Befreiung der Rietburg 3B112
KRIMI total Signing SessionMeißner, Jörg3A102Der Autor Jörg Meißner steht den ganzen Tag Rede und Antwort und signiert seine Spiele.
MoziSigning Session11:30-17:30TilabunnyLet's Drink5C109Tilabunny is a famous illustrator in Asia. All Tilabunny ideas are from Tina's favorite PET! Every photo of Tilabunny is unique, sweet and innocent. You can also feel the soft and smooth PET from Tilabunny! Do you want to enjoy delicious food with Tilabunny? You can meet Tilabunny at the booth of Mozi Games!
Otte, Christian / Ötte for KidzSigning Session14:00-15:00Otte alias - ÖTTE, ChristianIm Zoo da tanzt der Bär + CD5A110Das neue Brettspiel von ÖTTE FOR KIDZ * IM ZOO DA TANZT DER BÄR mit Musik CD und AR Funktion
(augmented reality). Für KiDZ im Kindergarten und Vorschulalter. Der Autor, Sänger und Komponist der
passenden Kinderlieder signiert Autogrammkarten und gekaufte CDs oder Spiele.
Schwerkraft-VerlagSigning Session10:30-12:30West, AronKatakomben - Kuben3P124Signierstunde in englischer Sprache.
Originaltitel des Spiel: Catacombs Cubes.
Schwerkraft-VerlagSigning Session13:00-14:30Vallejo, IsaiasChocolatiers; Valeria – Königreich der Karten: Blutrote See3P124Signierstunde in englischer Sprache.
Originaltitel der Spiele: Chocolatiers and Valeria: Crimson Seas.
Schwerkraft-VerlagSigning Session15:00-16:30McGoey, ConorGipfel - Aufstieg in eisige Höhen3P124Signierstunde in englischer Sprache.
Originaltitel des Spiels: Summit - The Board Game.
ScriBabs Signing Session10:00-15:00Valtriani, MarcoArmata Strigoi5M118Presentation and play with the author of the new ScriBabs board game Armata Strigoi.
Skellig GamesSigning Session11:00-13:00Bernsen, DanielMice To Meet You5H113Der Autor des neuen, innovativen Roll-and-Discard-Spiels Mice To Meet You, Daniel Bernsen, spielt mit dir sein neues Spiel.

The author of the new, innovative roll and discard game Mice To Meet You, Daniel Bernsen, plays his new game with you.
Skellig GamesSigning Session13:00-15:00Menges, AlisaMice To Meet You5H113
SpaceOrange42Signing Session14:00-16:00Pignatelli, UmbertoScheherazade; Beasts&Barbarians; Hope&Glory; Survivors of Arborea6N109
Steeped GamesSigning Session14:00-16:00Kazmaier, Dan; Kazmaier, ConnieChai5D122Come meet the designers of Chai! We're avid tea lovers too and will be around the booth especially at these times.
Taverna Ludica GamesSigning Session11:00-13:00Marechal, RogueSerengeti: A Race for Life4I110
Taverna Ludica GamesSigning Session15:00-17:00Marechal, RogueSerengeti: A Race for Life4I110
Tyto GamesSigning Session10:00-12:00Katz, SharonGladiGala - Party of Champions5K123Come experience INSYNC by Tyto Games with the latest and greatest of the series, GladiGala – Party of Champions.
Take the role of a gladiator school leader, gain fame and fortune, as you anticipate your opponent's moves on the path to filling up your treasure for more elaborate tactical performances in this arena action packed simultaneous movement and programing. This game is bringing kids back to the table and giving adults an adrenaline rush.
Unique GamesSigning Session10:00-18:00Nevo, IzikHeropath Dragon Roar5J111

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